A global language translation company. Web site internationalisation and translation; software localisation; globalisation. A Professional Language Translation Company! ByteTranslation offers Internationalisation (i18n) and localisation (l10n) services. We translate e-mail, newsletters, business cards, patents and documents.
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Internationalisation and Localisation

Internationalisation (also called I18N) is an operation that makes a program or web service application aware of and able to support multiple languages. This is a generalisation process in which the programs are freed from only calling English strings and from other English-specific processes, and are instead connected to generic ways of doing things.

Localisation (also called L10N) is the process of translating software or a web site from one language into another. Localisation requires completely converting the text intended for one kind of audience to a completely different one. There are many aspects involved besides the country's language: date and time formats, how to express numbers, currency symbols, etc. Language translation must be coupled with a necessary sensitivity to cultural differences.

ByteTranslation will handle the internationalisation and the localisation process for you!


Top Quality Translations

ByteTranslation gives you top quality human translations because:

  • The translators are native speakers of the target language. They have an intimate knowledge of your market and are able to adapt the translation to your needs.
  • The translators have years of experience in their field, and they rigorously check the finished translation to ensure that it is 100% correct.
  • The work is proofread by a second translator to ensure that it is perfect.

We will work with you on any project to guarantee your satisfaction, and we strongly believe that our work will meet your expectations!

Is your business ready for the global world?
English is spoken by only a small fraction of Internet users. If your e-business site is English only, you lose many potential visitors! We can expand your market to include many different countries by translating your e-commerce website into the most commonly spoken languages on the web, such as Spanish, German, French, Chinese and Japanese. More...

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